Cirque du Cercle

Cirque du Cercle is a Swiss “Verein” (community interest company) with the aim to facilitate and support circus performers connected to the wider area of Basel and to produce contemporary circus projects and shows.


During the winter months 2020/21 we are planning an artistic residency with Swiss artist Pascal Häring and Welsh artist Esther Fuge, in order to find, develop and test themes, ideas and artistic “language” for their first joint production. The main theme of the research are questions about the differences in roles, status and power between the genders: How can unhealthy gender dynamics be addressed and unmasked on stage? By combining circus arts and physical theatre, and with a light-hearted humorous approach, we would like to put a spotlight on the topic.

During two two-week residencies, the common language of movement will be further developed with the support of mentors, and ideas for stage characters, audience interaction, core scenes and dramaturgy will be found. In addition, two work-in-progress performances will take place to present the research to the public and potential co-producers, and at the same time test its impact on the audience.

The project has the working title (Wo)man. It is envisaged that the results of the research will lead to the creation of the first own production of the artist duo and Cirque du Cercle in 2021. The short-term planning of these residencies is due to the fact that we want to use the time freed up by the cancellation of other contracts due to Covid-19.

We would like to thank the following funders who are a crucial support to this project:



Einwohnergemeinde Sissach

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In Colour mit Swing Circus

Cirque du Cercle is also planning a co-production with the Bristol-based company Swing Circus, to develop their show In Colour and bring it to Switzerland. In Colour combines swing dance and circus in a captivating and energising way, tells about the history of swing dance and considers racism in the swing era and today.

More information regarding Swing Circus:

Swing Circus Fundraiser: Swing Circus Fundraiser