… to the upside down world of circus.

BREAKING NEWS: From 24 to 26 April 2023, I’ll perform Falling Down the Rabbit Hole together with my performance partner Esther Fuge at Gundeldinger Feld in Basel. For more information:

Pascal Haering offers high-quality entertainment for any event. His show acts can be tailered to your needs. With the experience of more than 600 performances in 12 years he will provide an exciting and memorable experience for your guests.

The Sumerians invented the wheel more than 5000 years ago and it quickly turned into an indispensable tool for everyday life. Back then they might not have guessed that it would also become a means for artistic and acrobatic expression.

„it really was a very beautiful and atmospheric performance"
(corporate client)

„your act was more than excellent - specifically in connection with the music it was dreamlike"
(audience member)

“the audiences were very touched by your performance - the show was a complete success - the feedback overwhelming”
(director of art on stage)

„with the elegance of a dancer, accompanied by beautiful music"
(THERAPIE – Das Lifestylemagazin)

„he creates impressive images on stage"
(Stadtspiegel Bochum)