Cyr Wheel

"The Sumerians invented the wheel circa 3300 BC. The wheel was an extraordinary invention that would change the course of human history. Daniel Cyr, Cirque Éloize Co-Founder, designed the Cyr Wheel in 2003 AD. The Cyr Wheel is as simple in shape as it is to use – a device that allows circus performers to execute a virtually infinite number of acrobatic figures, each more complex and awe-inspiring than the last. […]

The Sumerians of yesteryear could not have foreseen the countless possibilities that their invention has engendered. Daniel Cyr’s wheel, which is light and strong, is a device that is no less fabulous, resembling a machine that may have sprung from the mind of Leonardo da Vinci. Once learned, mastered, and used as an object of creation, the Cyr Wheel becomes an extension of the body. As the Wheel turns, it also turns the heads of awed spectators."


Performance at “Switzerland’s got Talent 2016”

Cirque du Circle

Hire for your event an exciting, inspiring and stunning performance with a contemporary circus apparatus many of your guests won’t know. Pascal’s act is highly skilled, elegant and simply mesmerising.

Duration: 5-6 minutes

Technical requirement:
- Minimum 4.5m x 4.5m stage or performance space with a hard floor
- PA system

Video (regular stage):

Video (large stage):

Bespoke performance, tailored to your event

Anything is possible: A cyr wheel and fire show, cyr wheel and live music (e.g. cyr wheel and marimba), a choreography to your preferred music, or an artistic show with animated projections and shadows. Contact me with your own idea and I’ll make it possible for your event.